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Frequently asked questions


What are the age groups for a Child and Senior tickets?

A Child ticket is 3 to 11 and a Senior ticket is 55+. Children under 2 who do not require a seat are free.

Where can I find information on pricing?

Pricing varies by location. Please visit the Theatre Info page for all details on pricing.

What are the matinee showtimes?

Matinee showtimes are all showtimes before 6:00pm.

What is the convenience fee for?

To guarantee you are able to get your tickets to the hottest movies before they sellout we offer the convenience of purchasing tickets online and through our app. To ensure we are able to maintain this service for our valued guests, we charge a small fee per ticket. The charge per ticket is displayed in the Order Summary page during the booking process. For ticket refunds, convenience fees for online ticket purchases will not be refunded.

What do the filter icons mean?

GTX - Premium Large Format Auditorium, available at select GTC locations

CC - Closed Captioning

AD - Audio Description

3D - This showtime is showing in 3D

Reserved - Seats must be selected when purchasing a ticket.  Purchase tickets in advance on our website or app for best seat selection.

Premium - Upgraded seating

21+ - Must be 21 years old or older to attend, located at select GTC locations


How do I get a refund for tickets I am unable to use?

All tickets purchased on the website may be refunded at until one hour before showtime.  All other refunds must be processed in person directly at the theatre the tickets were purchased for prior to the published show time. The theatre will need the booking / confirmation number or the date and time of the purchase as well as the first six and the last four digits of the credit card used to make the purchase.  Convenience fees for online ticket purchases will not be refunded.


How can I purchase a gift card?

Physical gift cards can be purchased in person at any of our locations. EGift Cards can be purchased online here.

Will I earn rewards points when I purchase a gift card?

No, you will not earn rewards points when you purchase a gift card. Transactions that use gift cards as payment are eligible to earn rewards points. 


How do I sign up?

Click HERE to sign up.  What are you waiting for?  It's free!

Is there a fee to join?

No, not at all! You can sign up HERE or on the GTC movies app! 

I just signed up, when can I start earning rewards points?

Reel Rewards accounts are eligible to accrue points and redeem discounts once the account has been activated. Accounts are activated at 8:00 AM the morning following the date they are created.

How do I earn points?

Reel Rewards is a card-less program where the ten digit phone number associated with your account acts as your “card number". To receive points for purchases made in person at the theatre, give your ten digit phone number or name to the theatre staff to receive rewards points for those purchases.  To receive points for purchases made online, create a "Web Account" then log into your "Web Account" when prompted during your online purchase. You will earn 10 Reward Points for every dollar you spend at Georgia Theatre Company, Gift Card purchases excluded.

How do I keep track of my rewards points?

GTC Reel Rewards points can be found in several places:

  • online at (once you log in, your current point balance will appear near the top of the page in red)
  • on the GTC Movies App (make sure to log into loyalty located in the menu options)
  • at an in-theater kiosk by entering the phone number associated with your rewards account 
  • at the theatre by asking a cashier for your rewards points balance.

NOTE: Rewards points may take up to 24 hours to post to your account.

How do I redeem my points?

Points must be redeemed in person at any of our 24 locations. Just provide your cashier with your ten digit phone number or full name to pull up your account.

What can I redeem my points for?

Redeem Points for the following:

  • 700 points = Any Candy
  • 1,000 points = Medium Popcorn & Large Drink, or any one size Popcorn or Fountain Drink
  • 1,500 points = Combo #2 (Medium Popcorn, Large Drink, & Candy)
  • 2,000 = Ticket
  • 2,500 = 3D, GTX, LX Ticket
Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn in one day?

Yes, there is a $200 (2000 points) cap per day for earning rewards points.

What additional perks are there for being enrolled in GTC Reel Rewards?

- Free Popcorn for your Birthday!
A free Medium Popcorn will be automatically added to your account on your birthday.  You have 12 months to redeem the free popcorn.

- Discount Tuesdays
      Enjoy $3.00 Small Popcorn and $3.00 Regular Drink for you and your family EVERY Tuesday!

- Savings on Popcorn and Fountain drinks everyday!

How do I redeem my free Birthday Popcorn?

A FREE Medium Popcorn will be added to your account on your birthday.  You have 12 months to redeem.  We will not mail or email you anything that you need to present, just simply provide your cashier with your ten digit phone number to redeem. 

Will I earn points for Fandango ticket purchases?

No, Rewards Points will only be earned on purchases made on the website and in theatre. 

I gave my Reel Rewards account information to the cashier, but I do not see the points on my loyalty account? How do I receive the points for my purchase?

To receive points for a transaction please fill out the customer service form on the Contact Us page. Please include the theatre name & the transaction number from the receipt or ticket stub in your email to customer service. Please note that the transaction must have occurred within the last 30 days to receive rewards points for your purchase.

Is there a minimum age to join?

Yes, the minimum age to join GTC Reel Rewards is 15 years old.

Will my points expire?

Points will expire 12 months from date earned.

Will my account expire?

Accounts that were created before December 30, 2017 and had not transacted in the following 20 months have been deleted.  Please create a new account and contact Customer Service if you have any problems doing this. 

I received an email stating I would receive rewards points for watching a trailer or attending a specific movie. Why don't I see those points added to my account?

The itemized list on the transaction history page is a reflection of your transactional points and will not include any points accrued manually or points earned from promotional emails. Please note these points ARE included in your points total, even though they are not itemized in the transaction list. 


Can I wear a costume in the theatre?

Guests are welcome to come dressed in costume, but we do not permit masks, face paint or face-obscuring hoods. We also do not permit weapons, fake weapons or props that would make other guests feel uncomfortable.  

How do I book a Birthday party at the theatre?

Party information and bookings are done directly through the theatre. Please contact your theatre directly for more information.

Is outside food and drink permitted inside the theatre?

No outside food or drink is permitted in the theatre.

What are the theatre's hours?

Theatre opens 30 min before the first show time, and closes 30 min after the last showtime begins. Concession is available until 30 min after the last show time begins.

When will movie titles and times be posted?

Movie titles and times are typically updated weekly by 6:00 PM on Tuesday.

Are backpacks permitted inside the theatre?

No we do not permit backpacks inside the theatre. Thank you for your cooperation.

What is the Rated R Policy?

We require photo identification to attend a Rated R movie. Those under 17 are not admitted without an accompanying parent or guardian 21 years or older.  There is no exceptions to this policy.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation.