Enjoy the Movie Theatre Experience like a True VIP!
Enjoy the Movie Theatre Experience like a True VIP!

Private Screenings are a fun and safe way to enjoy the movies and connect with friends and family! Join us to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or a date night.

Book a Private Screening for up to 20 people of New Releases for ONLY $200 and Classic Favorites Now Playing for ONLY $100!

Contact your local theatre to schedule a showtime. Please include your desired date and movie preference.
Check out what's playing at your local GTC Location HERE

Georgia Locations:
Beechwood Cinemas - Athens, GA
send request to Beechwood@GTCmovies.com
University Cinemas - Athens, GA
send request to University@GTCmovies.com
Riverwatch Cinemas - Augusta, GA
send request to Riverwatch@GTCmovies.com
Glynn Place Cinemas - Brunswick, GA
send request to GlynnPlace@GTCmovies.com
Galleria Mall Cinemas - Centerville, GA
send request to Galleria@GTCmovies.com
Commerce Cinemas - Commerce, GA
send request to Commerce@GTCmovies.com

Mountain Cinemas - East Ellijay, GA
send request to Mountain@GTCmovies.com

Heart of Georgia Cinemas - Eastman, GA
send request to Heart@GTCmovies.com

Evans Cinemas - Evans, GA
send request to Evans@GTCmovies.com

Liberty Cinemas - Hinesville, GA
send request to Liberty@GTCmovies.com
Merchants Walk Cinemas - Marietta, GA
send request to Merchants@GTCmovies.com

Park 12 Cinemas - Marietta, GA
send request to Park12@GTCmovies.com

Moultrie Cinemas - Moultrie, GA
send request to Moultrie@GTCmovies.com

Habersham Hills Cinemas - Mount Airy, GA
send request to Habersham@GTCmovies.com

Pooler Cinemas - Pooler, GA
send request to Pooler@GTCmovies.com

Kings Bay Cinemas - Saint Marys, GA
send request to KingsBay@GTCmovies.com

Island Cinemas - Saint Simons Island, GA
send request to Island@GTCmovies.com

Gateway Cinemas - Thomasville, GA
send request to Gateway@GTCmovies.com

Valdosta Cinemas - Valdosta, GA 
send request to Valdosta@GTCmovies.com

Houston Lakes Cinemas - Warner Robins, GA
send request to Houston@GTCmovies.com
Mall Cinemas - Waycross, GA
send request to Waycross@GTCmovies.com

Florida Location:
Beacon Brooksville Cinemas - Brooksville, FL
send request to Brooksville@GTCmovies.com

South Carolina Location:
Beacon Cinemas - Sumter, SC
send request to Sumter@GTCmovies.com

Virginia Location:
Danville Cinemas - Danville, VA
send request to Danville@GTCmovies.com