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Need to cancel your reservation?

  • Tickets purchased on can be refunded below.
  • Using the form below will refund your entire purchase. Partial refunds can be done at the theatre prior to the showtime.
  • The service fee in non-refundable.
  • Tickets purchased through the GTC Movies App cannot be refunded online at this time. Please go directly to the theatre prior to the showtime.
  • Tickets purchased through Fandango must be refunded directly through Fandango.
  • Online refunds must be completed prior to 1 hour before showtime and in person refunds can be done up to the scheduled showtime. No cash refunds will be issued for any reason after showtime.
  • If you would like to exchange your tickets for a different showtime, please contact your theatre directly. This must be done prior to the original showtime.
  • If the online refund portal isn’t working, you will need to refund your tickets in person prior to the showtime.
  • For refund assistance, please contact the theatre where you purchased your ticket.

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